Polish Pierogies
Please note that we donate 10% of our proceeds to
Charity & Non-Profit Organizations

Hello hungry folks,

You know, we can get just about any food in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai ... but when was the last time you got your hands (or teeth) on some delicious perogies? Never fear, now pierogies can be delivered right to your door! Whether you spell it perogi or pierogi or just those- potato-and-cheese-filled-thingamagiggies, it doesn't matter when it comes to how yummy these little Polish dumplings are :-)

Place your order and taste our delicious Polish Pierogi Dumplings ..... with potato & cheese filling or saurkraut filling.....

Shanghai's first!!!

6 pieces - 20 RMB
12 pieces - 35 RMB

E-Mail Us now to order!

Please note that the pierogies are already cooked but delivered frozen to customers.
2 options:

A) - Heat the Pierogies in the microwave

B) - Fry with butter (adding onions or bacon is optional!!)

** delivery charges may apply **

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